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Angie M. [userpic]

(no subject)

February 8th, 2010 (10:36 pm)

I was beating myself up today because I didn't update last week (I made a goal to update LJ once a week with SOMETHING), but I actually did update. Twice. *durr*. Hafta update my tracking sheet...
*plan plan plan*

Fun details in this one :)

The original

Angie M. [userpic]


February 4th, 2010 (12:47 pm)

current mood: busy

I was excited to do this one up again. It actually looks like a shady deal in a back alley now!

The Original

Angie M. [userpic]

Hourly Comics Day 2010

February 2nd, 2010 (12:00 am)

current mood: anxious

I was really torn on whether to do these or not, but in the end I decided to do them.

But it was a work day and I was mega busy and I prefer to not get fired, so they are drawn EPIC fast and as a result are pretty awful. So, sorry. I kind of want to stab myself in the face reading other people's (like every year) but I guess that is life as someone who does not draw comics as a living.

BUT. I did them. And you can torture your eyes if you so desire.

Under the cutCollapse )

Angie M. [userpic]

Eat Monster

January 31st, 2010 (07:28 pm)

current mood: productive

I've been actually working quite hard on these, I ran into a backlog adding the reds! Gack!

Worked quite a long time on all of 'em this weekend, expect more.

Angie M. [userpic]

Hi ho, Cylinder!!

January 18th, 2010 (07:26 pm)

current mood: busy

Oh man, busy busy week, last week!

I always thought this joke (pun?) was rather clever, maybe just me :) Was fun to do the cylindrical and spherical horses properly.

The original

Angie M. [userpic]

'Mergency Knob

January 6th, 2010 (12:03 am)

current mood: happy
current song: Cake - Jolene

To this day this is probably one of my favourite Wasted Talents.

The Original

The 'colours' in this one were actually kind of tricky, but the art is very true to the original, one of the truest so far :)

Angie M. [userpic]

Fluids can be kind of sketchy

January 2nd, 2010 (01:13 pm)

current mood: tired

Have another

The prof in that picture is known as "the Gooch". He used to say "Don't call me Dr. Gooch. Dr. Gooch was my FATHER. I'm Dr. Ollivier-Gooch. If you search Dr. Gooch you'll just get a bunch of different papers." He was a pretty awesome guy

This is the original. I think the blackboard really benefits from that spot fill :)

Angie M. [userpic]

Reflecting back on a decade

December 31st, 2009 (07:53 pm)

current mood: sick

So Jeff asked me to write out a "best of the decade" comics list for Cloudscape...

I don't really consider myself very qualified to write a "best of the decade" list considering in the year 2000 I was still in high school (I was 15). I had just begun to discover proper graphic novels, and I took a long break from reading comics when I was in University. I honestly have just started getting into them properly, since graduating. Nevertheless, as I look back on the decade, these are the books that stick out to me:

Because this is whyCollapse )
So that's it. That's my list. Pretty lame, huh?? In 2009 my new year's resolution was to read more manga, because I missed reading proper manga so much. I did manage to buy and read six manga GN this year, which is significantly greater than the 0 I think I read in 2008, so that's something. In the upcoming year I'd like to read a lot of the books that have made my friend's "best of the decade" lists, and more French and Manga titles. That's not a new year's resolution, my resolution this year is to sing more. I don't really sing anymore.

There's a "#10yearsago" meme going on in Twitter. It's kind of wild thinking of myself ten years ago. As I mentioned, I was 15, and in the middle of grade 10. I had already begun and ended my first relationship, over the next ten years I began and ended two more longer relationships (and a couple of shorter attempts) before meeting the guy I would choose to marry. That's a lot for 10 years!! The man of my dreams is currently punching random holes in the drywall and he made my sick ass lift the 46" tv. (how romantic!)

Ten years ago I was still in high school, still living with my parents. I didn't know yet if I wanted to be an artist or an engineer, but both ideas had ocurred to me by then, I think. Over the next ten years I graduated High School, got accepted into and graduated from UBC and got a full time job as an engineer. I struck out on my own, and have been living independently on the other side of the continent, in a different country. I went from living in my parent's house to owning my own apartment. That my fiancee keeps punching holes in (stop that, Trevor!!)

Artistically, I was already drawing comics 10 years ago. In 2000 I was drawing a terrible version of the long-form story I'm still working on (barf). I've been drawing comics for a long long time but it was firmly in "hobby" territory back then. I'm at a point in my life now where it's kind of changed from a hobby to a passion. I'm not yet ready to pursue drawing full time, but I'm not so convinced that I will see this as a hobby forever anymore. I'm kind of disappointed with my progress (or lack thereof) over this decade, but I think I've done ok considering I had a year where I hardly drew anything at all, followed by several years when I could barely manage to draw Wasted Talent. I beat myself up about it a lot, but I'm happy drawing has never left my life entirely and I'm looking forward to where I will go from here.

So, that's a lot for 10 years! Very very turbulent, but all the steps were positive and I think I've finally found a point of (relative) stability. 2000-2010 was change, I'm hoping that 2010-2020 will represent growth. Growth as a person, growth in my career, and growth as an artist. Here's to a fresh beginning!

Angie M. [userpic]

Engineering Meetings

December 29th, 2009 (12:07 pm)

current mood: sleepy

I forgot to post yesterday! Sorry everyone I was distracted by coming home on the ferry and playing with Christmas Sparklies.

(I'm having trouble digging the original out of the archive, sorry).

I added a lot to this strip! A lot of background and better emotion, I think.

Angie M. [userpic]


December 27th, 2009 (01:05 pm)

Here is another! And here is the original. I added a lot to the backgrounds on this one, still one of my favourite jokes.