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Figure Drawing

I'm trying to suck less at drawing, under the cut is some figure practice from last night's Dr. Sketchy's (burlesque life drawing.)

There were 1m poses also but they're not very instructive? I suck at drawing butts but this 2m pose is the only good butt-shot I got :( #morebuttsplease I liked that this model was very curvy, also liked the knife :) She was very tough!

5m poses with rope and knife

10m pose

15m pose - this was a very fun pose.

15m pose - this is probably my favourite sketch of the bunch. The thing I realized at this point is that in the longer poses everything has a tendency to relax because, uh, she had to hold the pose for 15m. So I made a point of really capturing the initial gesture and emotion from, like, the first minute. It worked out very well. Dr. Sketchy poses have so much 'tude, that's the important part. Traditional models are usually very chill. Bored almost? hahaha

Last 15m pose - I don't think I really nailed the face down convincingly until this last one. She had a very peculiar nose (a nice nose! Just hard for me to define) so I'm glad I got it before the night was out.

Hopefully more of these to come
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