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Olympics part 3 of 3!

I promised in my last post that I'd talk more about the "night scene". Well taking pictures is kind of hard, but we took a few videos which give a better impression of what was going on:

Random Olympic Clips:

- First clip is from inside the Aboriginal Pavilion. The inside of the dome has a light show projected on it, and the outside of the dome had a projection of what was inside! (whoa!)
- Second clip is the nightly fire show on Robson.
- Third clip: Said the Whale! One of our favourite local groups performing in Robson Square.
- Fourth clip: watching the first US v. Canada game in Ontario House (clips are from when we scored but, ah, we lost ^^;
- Ends with Said the Whale

On the last Thursday we finally won something again, and the crowds started coming back, despite the rain.

Yeah! Woooo

Robson & Howe, I've shown this intersection a few times, much much less crowded than the previous Saturday or the first Friday

There wasn't a line so we ducked into the mysterious BELL ICE CUBE.

INSIDE... just a bunch of monitors. They gave you free headphones and you could plug in and listen to any monitor. That was kind of neat, but yeah I'm glad I didn't wait for it?

I FOUND IT THIS WAY, I SWEAR! I was tempted to click through to /b/... but I didn't! The Olympic Spirit Previals!


Alberta House: Classier beer tent/steakhouse

Expected Wait for Live City Yaletown: 60 minutes. Pffffffffffffffffff nothanks.

Irish House, never got inside. But it's just a giant beer tent that occasionally plays irish music?

Not that crowded still

I really like this photo

This is a nice picture of the Robson "Clamshell", which they built over the ice rink. I must admit that when I first heard about the project to revitalize Robson square and build the clamshell I thought it was pretty stupid, but it was a wonderful gathering point throughout the games, and really quite beautiful

Look at all the cops! (In bright yellow jackets). You couldn't go more than five feet without passing one. It was nice, though, they stopped any trouble before it even could escalate, so I felt safe walking around. Our cops are nice, they didn't give anyone a hard time and I didn't see anyone give them a hard time. Everyone knew it was for the best in crowds like this.

Thursday night was our hockey game! Norway v. Slovakia. I was cheering for Norway!!

The Zambonis even have little mascots on them!

In the first period this Slovakian dude got smoked - out cold with blood spurting out of his head! They had to bring out the spine boards to haul him out, then a crew came to scrape the blood off the ice *+*

Third Friday, after we beat Russia

(Spot the cops!)

The third Friday on Granville street, while much less terrifying, was still ground zero for douchebags. (Granville is a hub for bars and night clubs). Right after we won the Russia game, everyone was kind of pumped to take on the Americans again, but some people took it too far. I promise, this is the only part of the city where people were anti-american (and I hate that shit), but really if you are going to brazenly bring a giant US flag into a crowd of shitfaced Canadian douchebags you are kind of asking for it. The cops intervened very quickly, but I don't know what became of the guy.

My night photos are all kind of shit, sorry
Costumes, Don Cherry?

Enough crowds to support beach balls!

HighFive Strangers! Yaaaaa! Wooooo

I've shown this location a few times- The lantern trees were getting jumped on so often they had to be patched almost everywhere!!


Robson Square "The Town Pants" playing

I gotta goooolden tiiiicket! (Gold medal hockey game!) Just kidding it wasn't mine ;) Our friend bought in in Australia and decided to sell it. He kind of botched the sale, but he still managed to get $2000 for it


We woke up at 9 thinking that would be PLENTY of time to find a bar. Nope, we were getting phone calls, there were already lines out the door of pretty much EVERY BAR. Thankfully we found a bar that wasn't open yet, so we got inside! (And paid $10 cover before noon. What. The fuck. Nice place, but they could only serve us chicken wings, beer and chips and salsa for breafkast ;__;)

The beginning of the game was sooooooooooo tense. Everyone was on the edge of their seats the entire time until the first goal was scored.

Trevor & Otto

Woman Knitting between periods - I drew a lot of maple leaves with lipliner this morning... I drew one on the cheek of the woman on the right and she bought me a beer! Whooo :)

Second Goal

This isn't the photo I was intending to take, but I rather like it. There were protestors outside our bar, this is the first I'd heard of them since the riots on Tuesday. I'm not sure why that was, but they didn't get a very warm reception

When we were tied, everyone's jaws just dropped. It was terrible, everyone was sooooooo stressed out. But Sid the Kid came through!!!

Everyone took to the streets

The lanterns on Granville


Spontaneous hugs between strangers!

MOSH PIT on Granville

Climbing Lamposts

American fans not getting beat up (just sayin')

Crazy guy - I don't know WHAT this guy was on, but he climbed on top of the bus shelter and the cops wanted to get him down. He made some half-moves to get down, but suddenly made a RUNNING LEAP off the shelter into the mosh pit. I don't know what became of him, I assume he was badly hurt and/or arrested.

The crowd on Robson between Granville and Howe (it took us SO LONG to get through hahaha)

This poor dog on Robson was probably terrified

We left as the crowd kept building. You could avoid mosh pits, but you could not avoid the spirit. Everyone was honking their horns, high-fiving passing strangers in the streets and people in cars, jumping up and down. For hours and hours and hours and hours.

This was the end of our Olympics. Everyone seemed sad to see it go.

clips from the gold medal game:

- First clip is from when we scored the first goal. It was sooooooooo tense before that
- We're not saying "booooo" we're saying "Luuuuuuuuuuu!!!" (We shout this whenever our goal tender Luongo stops the puck :) )
- The very last clip is taken from my apartment balcony... the honking continued until about 2 am :)

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