Angie M. (jammyness) wrote,
Angie M.


Spent most of today just banging away at the keys, business that I'm behind on...

Thought I'd give you all a preview of the next comic while you're waiting, and some extra COLBERT COMIX from when I went to see the taping on Wednesday!!

Here is the preview of the comic I am working on!

Here is the stage area BEFORE we all rushed into it:

Our pictures kind of suck because the crowd was so deep, you just had to hold your camera up and pray. These video/news thingies give a better impression:

2 and 3

I only half-watched half of the episodes, but it looks like they cut most of our footage :( Kind of a bummer, but I really enjoyed the day.

Sorting through about EIGHTY THOUSAND pictures, expect a few more posts about the Olympics. ONE MORE DAY OMG!!
Tags: colbert, comic
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