September 6th, 2007

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Do you believe in good omens?

Sooo I found my iron ring today! No I didn't lose it again, I found the FIRST iron ring that I lost last March!! It was caught in a very tight pocket of my backpack! After all this time... I swear I turned that WHOLE backpack inside out looking for it!! Amazing.

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I decided not to enroll in the "Intro to ID" course at Emily Carr. Mostly because it's an intense project course and, uh, if I get a job I don't want to have to bail on a partner.

I'm still on the fence about this course, "The Contemporary Comic". On the one hand I've never had 'formal' instruction in comic, and it could be cool, but on the other I'm afraid that it'll be geared towards noobs or something. Yeah I'm self-taught, but I'm not a comic noob, right? I'm thinking of emailing the guy with links to my sequentials and asking, but I think that might be too arrogant... bweh... none of you have ever taken this course, right?

Well I'ma go make some delicious fresh ravioli. AND EAT IT ALL HAHAHAHahahah.
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