August 21st, 2007

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Well... Dave, Scott and Sam all left today making the con officially "over" in my life. I am sad to see it end, it was an awesome, awesome con/weekend.

I shall have a full report up on WT, I'll link it later...

[Edit] Goals and ideas for next year...
* Build WT readership, and possibly have some spreadshirt stuff available for people
* Have at least 10 pages of "Lost Omens" done. Of course this would mean finishing the damn plot, thubnails, site, AND ten pages, but I think it's doable. I just want something to show next year :)
* Possibly bring one-two con-exclusive prints to people who say they like WT, or have a comicker-style "sketchbook" for the year available. My decision will probably depend on time and confidence, huh.
* Possibly champion the next year's "sketchbook" like the one that went at auction this year. Make it bigger & better by putting more time & planning :D I really really liked the idea, and I DO so enjoy organizing things. I think it's a disorder of some kind.
* Make more guest comics, it was fun doing Snafu's this year. :D
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