June 1st, 2007

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I slept for a really long time today...

Probably because the last few days have been so ridiculously busy and early that I haven't had a chance to.

Of course I had another weird dream. This time I dreampt that I was travelling back to see my parents. But they were too busy to take care of me (???) so they sent me back to Parkland High School. For some bizarre reason all my friends still went there.

I had packed a lunch, which contained loose matcha tea, bubble tea mix and beef stroganoff mix, (bweh?) but I went to the cafeteria line anyway. It looked like they were also serving beef stroganoff, but when I asked they said that it was actually made of groundhog. Hm. So I had some salad, which had full half-eggs on it and avocados, strangely high-class for Parkland's tastes.

When I got back to my chair, my little bag of tea treasures was gone! I found a hall monitor that was going to throw it away and I was like "No! My delicious Matcha Tea!!" So I pleaded with her to get it back. She said that I'm not allowed to bring lunches in because they might be a bomb.

So I grabbed the bag and ran out to the Parkling lot, where my mom's car was parked (for me to drive). When I got there, the car had one door open and a few of the windows open and it had ice on it for some weird reason. I struggled with the keys and buttons trying to get it to either close and lock or open and let me in, but the buttons on the door were all tiny and not labeled.

Eventually I found a small hole marked "Lock" into which I could press a pin-shaped key, like a reset. It was the only lock-labeled thing I had found, so I pressed the key in, and suddenly the car flipped out and made an alarm, like it was going into "lockdown" mode!! The doors still refused to close so I jumped in and forced a start. (The people were still chasing me, after all).

I managed to accelerate out of the school and got immediately onto the highway, but then I discovered that the brakes didn't work! So I was driving everywhere trying not only to decelerate myself but also finding a place to pull onto less crowded streets. All the exits lead to more highways!

I don't remember much after that. My dreams are always so weird.
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