March 13th, 2007

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More comicky musing

Sigh... The harder I work the more I think about comics. I don't think it's because I dislike engineering, it's just such a welcome departure from, say... statistics. (I'll teach YOU a thing or two about alternative hypotheses...)

Anyway. "Recent" ... "progress".

- I think I'm happy with the 'magic' system for the story. I think it would be fun to illustrate and while it's not craaaazzzeeee it hasn't been done *exactly* in the way I want to do it before. That I know of. But probably has.

- I decided that I hate the title "Tangle". Again. I decided it was not descriptive enough and also not fantasy enough. I think I have come up with an alternative title, but that will probably change a thousand times. So I will keep referring to it as "tangle" and not change the title until the very end.

- Everyone gets new names! I figure since they were all once "one" people, the four races may share linguistic roots and I've been brainstorming ways to carry linguistics throughout the story. That's probably boring to everyone but me!

- I wrote a PLOT OULINE. YEAH. That probably doesn't sound monumental to you, but I am very proud of it :D It has a beginning, a middle, and an end! It keeps track of all characters on a day-by-day basis! But it needs tweaking... more work. Then the fleshiness begins!

- I think I will take a tip from jdalton and build a color palate for the book. But not the whole book, I want to break it down by location/scene/mood... I still haven't decided the (conclusive) art/ink/colour style for it, I think I will try to draw a few test pages.

- I made progress on the design of the "prince" character from my story who may or may not indeed be a prince but is some kind of selected monarch. I also named him "Ithan". Like Ethan but with an "i" for weird linguistic reasons. I also made progress on the design of the "creature" character who is still un-named. It will probably never be named, it will probably just have some lame designation like Pi-delta-87 or something lame. I'm not quite satisfied with its design, but progress is progress! I decided I want it to be grey and a shapeshifter D: (which makes its design even tougher, actually).

- I came up with a SOLID premise for the novel. I had a few lame ones before but I finally got one I really like!! I have to keep it in mind when I am fleshing out the novel.

Next hurdles...

- I want to re-draw my world map and use it more as I continue through the plot-writing
- I need to start breaking down the plot into chapters and decide whether I want to add some time gaps in there... Does "5 weeks" in narrative-time sound like enough time to go through a plot?
- I want to work on the ending a bit more. I'm happy with the way things shake down, but then there's this big "and everyone goes home" kind of section that I always seem to have in my endings that never shows up anywhere else. I think I need to study a bunch of fantasy and scifi movies and see how they end.
- More linguistics! Place names! Planet names! Animal names! Ragh!
- More environmental development, by which I mean drawing the animals that comprise the world I'm building.
- Learn to not suck at drawing the following things: buildings, cities, vehicles, guns and other fantasy elecronic devices. One would think a mechanical engineer and avid student of Scifi would not suck at these things but alas, I do.
- Finalize some of the character line-designs and start working on the designs' colours.

... oh and my Mp3 player is ker-broked. :( :( :(
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